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The Dream & Spirit Weaver 

Please note this website is for all of my services; creative, writing, speaking, and poetic... and healing, spiritual, counseling, and self-help, astrology included. 



I offer:-

  • Energy shielding, healing, & clearing workshops drawing from a range of healing modalities, including Reiki, Shamanism, and various Holistic therapies.

  • Storytelling combining ancient and ancestral storytelling from the soul with higher avatar/celestial energies... (adaptable to both children + adult circles).

  • Spirit Animal Medicine Wheel Journeys, which are both sacred and grounding.

  • Help in your kitchen with high-vibed Vegan, Plant-based, & Vegetarian food (I have a diploma in Herbalism too!)

  • "The heartbeat & groove" to your personal magic! I am an intuitive Djembe, Harmonica, and Acoustic-Bass player. 


Source.Tv was created by BBC Dragon's Den Star Rachel Elnaugh, as a way to unify, connect, and heal planet earth. 

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WATKINS BOOKSHOP, The Heart of London & most prestigious esoteric Bookstore in London.






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GRACE GABRIELLA PUSKAS: Reiki Master Teacher, Dream Therapist/Specialist, Shamanic Healer, Astrologer, Herbalist, Medicine Woman, Intuitive Counselor & Coach, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, and 'Support Sister,' specializing in Soul topics. ✧

Ancient Energetic Healing Systems & Wisdoms in the West; a Merging of Worlds.


Reiki & Spiritual healing: Subtle energy 


The traditional system of Reiki began in 1922 with Dr Mikau Usui during an intensive fasting experience, whereby he acquired his healing abilities naturally, in addition to having a profound and enlightening awakening. Mikau Usui meditated and fasted on a mountain near his Buddhist monastery and temple in Japan. He did this for 21 days, elevating his consciousness to new heights and receiving healing gifts from Spirit. 


The Japanese word ‘reiki’ can be translated as ‘universal life energy’ and is also known as chi, prana, vital life force, or source energy. The Usui System is a way of working with reiki for healing of self and others. The word healing is used in the sense of regaining harmony and wholeness on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of consciousness. We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things; when this energy flows uninterrupted, there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of well-being. Reiki is a holistic system of health and spiritual illumination. 

'Reiki De- Mystified,' published by the National UK Reiki Federation's Magazine, Resonance, written by Grace Gabriella Puskas:

A reiki attunement is a process of empowerment that opens your Heart, Crown, and Third Eye chakras, in addition to your palm chakras, allowing you to channel healing energy more powerfully and effectively. Channelling reiki energy for self or others clears any energy blockages and built up tensions or disharmony from the body's chakra system and meridians, which allows prana, the vital life force, and spirit to flow freely through all the body's systems. In addition to aligning the chakras for health and harmony, it also balances the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Reiki benefits range anywhere from helping your body boost your immune system coupled with eliminating re-occurring repetitive ailments such as your common cold, to increasing your psychic awareness and connecting you more to your spirit self. This sparks greater compassion, awareness, empathy, love, and harmonious exchanges and communications with others.

Physical Benefits of Reiki

*Assists your Immune system to help heal illness and disease. Any disease is a 'dis-ease' of your body being in disunity with itself.
*Helps your nervous system so you can deal with stress, tension or problems as they arise with calmness and from a state of higher awareness, rather than from over-reactive emotions (Reiki helping with the nervous system is a prime example of how the mind, body, and spirit are designed to work in harmony, and further cannot be separated from one another).
*Reiki increases vital life force energy to the cells of your body, actively altering DNA which is responsible for all your bodies programming and the messages received. Essentially, on a very physical level, reiki re-programs DNA, which in turn affects ones entire way of being, from thoughts to emotions and mood, and to where we choose to direct our awareness based on the physical signals and messages we are receiving.

Emotional & Mental Benefits of Reiki

*Reiki assists in balancing emotions, intense or overwhelming feelings, and negative or detrimental thought patterns and repetitive destructive cycles of thinking. 
* Reiki can therefore help you with problem solving, relieving stress, living life with a state of inner peace and tranquility. It can increase mindfulness, greater awareness, and perception, moreover make you more receptive to receiving experiences aligned with greater joy and peace; it assists in maintaining health and balance of all the body's systems, and can lead to greater levels of creative expression, learning, vitality, emotional maturity, and communication with others that is harmonious and healthy. 
*On an emotional and mental level, reiki allows us to become less reactive and respond from a place of cooperation, oneness/mutual respect, reason, logic, intellect, compassion, consideration and unity, rather than from a place of upset, despair, anger, frustration, irrationality, spite, ego or separation. Instead of responding to people and situations with uncontrolled and destructive emotions or mental responses, we communicate from a place of peace, harmony and oneness, which in turn decreases stress and improves physical health and well-being. Just through the affects reiki energy has on the mental and emotional planes of consciousness, we can begin to see a considerable improvement in re- occurring physical health problems, ailments, and dis-eases.

Spiritual Benefits of Reiki

This area is rather broad and the list of spiritual experiences and benefits one can receive from reiki is Infinite. Spirit is complex (yet so paradoxically simple) as some things and energetic states in the universe cannot be measured from our human understanding of time and space, which is linear and likes to 'put everything into boxes,' or separated categories. The human mind likes to rationalize, categorize, separate, and conclude something as being 'this or that,' however in reality, most natural phenomena and different frequency and vibrational states exist beyond that in which our current mind state perceives and defines in.


In this respect, connecting to Reiki energy opens our minds, our hearts and our neural pathways to new possibilities and experiences that exist beyond (yet in harmony with) the very physical and three dimensional reality we are used to residing in. In essence, reiki aligns us more with our spirit, the natural world, and our heart centers, due to the understandings and greater awareness that all is One, interconnected, and, just as our bodies are designed to achieve homeostasis (a state of natural equilibrium), so is our planet as a living organism and the universe and existence as a whole. Reiki therefore allows us to bring healing and wholeness not only to ourselves, but to our beautiful planet and world as we perceive it. Our thoughts (mental body), emotions (emotional body), actions (physical body) and spiritual state/vibration (spiritual body) all ripple out and effect not only our internal environments but our outer world, and therefore the whole of existence that comes with it. We create our reality, and connecting with and receiving Reiki can bring many beautiful benefits that allow us to reside in a state of health, balance, peace, vitality, love, and higher awareness!

(Some) Spiritual benefits of reiki...

*Third eye opening- able to perceive subtle energy and energetic thought forms (telepathy) and emotional state of others (highly developed empathy) that transcends the physical senses.
*Astral encounters, travel, and receiving wisdom, insight, images, symbols or visions through the realms. Connecting to reiki energy increases your ability to access other dimensions, where ancient wisdoms, archetypes, symbolism and learnings through thought and image projections are rich. 
*A rich dream world- you may start to receive profound lessons, insights, and wisdoms through your subconscious in dream states. 
*Reiki and working with subtle energy states can allow one to see auras, while feeling the vibratory state of each individual chakra, in addition to sensing and knowing the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual health and overall wellbeing of a person.
*Intuition (listening to your inner knowing and trusting your higher self), self expression, communication your truth, seeing beyond illusions, and becoming your own authority and power all greatly develop with reiki energy. 
*Creative expression & 'channelling' higher knowledge/power. Channelling is, in essence, tuning in to certain frequencies and vibrational states of being. Our brains our transmitters and receivers, and there are many dimensions and vibratory states of being. Connecting with reiki energy can open you up to an entire new reality and world of experience through connection to the spirit realms. The possibilities are endless. 
*Reiki can connect heart with higher self/your 'super-consciousness'- otherwise known as God/Source/Spirit. This is in simple reality perceiving in a state of awareness that is connected, seeing all as One, without ego or judgement, and living from a higher truth; a reality free from stress, negativity, and disunity, and further seeing how everything exists (or is designed to exist) in its ideal form, or perfect vibratory state.

Every living organism has its ideal Blueprint, its highest state of existence; it's perfect health. Living in alignment with heart and your Higher Self/the higher mind can harmonize one with this ideal form. In this state of being, we begin to see the light and love within everyone and every situation, allowing us to reflect compassion, wisdom, understanding, empathy, and love to those we meet. 

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